Jeffrey Scott Joslin II Launches Southbay Songwriting School

The only thing that brings me more joy than songwriting itself, is enabling others to experiencing this magic art form themselves.

That is why I am launching my Southbay Songwriting School

My goal is to teach beginners how to write a song from start to finish for the first time and to give intermediate songwriters the tools to write great songs by examining the elements that make a song great.

In my experience, most people who want to learn to write songs are unsure of where to start and how a song comes together. With a little help, I am confident that I can help guide new songwriters on their way to writing great songs. 

I will do this by offering a hands on approach and guiding songwriters in their quest to putting their feelings and stories on paper and into song form.

The classes will be three hours, two nights a week and consist of examination of popular songs and song structure, study of the various elements of song - structure, metaphor, rhyme, meter, repetition, melody, and personal song critique and assistance in the creation of each students one of a kind song. 

If you are interested in enrolling or would like more info, click here to learn more.