WATCH: L.A. Couple Befriends the Homeless With Love and Life’s Essentials

Jef Joslin grew up in a small town in Tennessee and like many kids he knew, Jef grew up in a faith-based home, he was very athletic and played football throughout high school, even accepting a scholarship to play the time honored sport collegiately.

Despite his obligation to friends and family, as well as his commitment to uphold his athletic scholarship, Jef began exploring a newfound passion for music. He took a leap of faith and even followed his creative passions to the Los Angeles, where he now lives with his wife, Ciera. The couple often spend hours on the beach near the Venice boardwalk, enjoying the ocean and the laid back Southern California atmosphere. The environment is not only inspiring for them as artists, but also allows them an opportunity to befriend the homeless, a population in California that is often ignored.

Jef has not only stayed true to his roots musically, but also as a man of faith, starting Love Trade, a grassroots effort on the part of him and his wife to provide the homeless population with a small package of essentials, a grocery store card and hygienic products. They not only donate life’s necessities, but also their time. Perhaps the most important part of this exchange is helping a group of people who have been dismissed by society know they are loved, cared for and accepted. Sometimes compassion doesn’t need to come in the form of grandiose gestures, but something small, a smile, a laugh and sincere conversation just to say, you are cared for and you matter.

Jeffrey Joslin