JSJII's Must Have On Vinyl - Lukas Nelson & The Promise of The Real

JSJII's Must Have On Vinyl - Lukas Nelson & The Promise of The Real

I recently stumbled upon the Americana Music festival while in Nashville, TN and let me tell you I was in music heaven. The best way I know how to describe it is I felt like I was in the epicenter of a 60's revival, a fresh wind of tried and true musicians who are fully dedicated to their craft and to being the voice of the people. Americana as a genre can get a bit convoluted as far as sound is concerned, but all in all, to me, it's music for the people by the people...

As I found myself in a wash of many venues and multiple acts performing at each, I was guided along by intuition and the recommendations of my uncle Brad and my festival companion Kyle Daniel, an old friend and fantastic guitar player from college who I write songs with from time to time. 

There were numerous standouts and much of the music was some of the best live performances I've seen in a long time, but a few that I really connected with I felt compelled to share, so others can enjoy what I got the pleasure of stumbling upon.

First off, let me say that this kid is Willie Nelson's son, so right off the bat you know it's gonna be quality. I had heard his song Find Yourself on the radio station 89.9 WDVX (which is a fantastic station by they way) in Knoxville, TN while visiting my Mamaw. At the time I didn't know it was Willie Nelson's son, not that it mattered, because the song was dope and I shazam-ed it immediately.

Once at the festival he was the act I first heard at Grimey's where they featured him acoustically. The room was packed tight and we were late so we were forced to listen outside the door on the porch. This was also my first indication of the degree of networking that would be available at this type of festival, as my first conversation would end up being with a radio promo guy at Concord Music Group

The real treat with Lukas however came the following night at Mercy Lounge. He had the crowd hanging on every note. His vocals were impeccable, songs incredible, and his guitar playing even surpassed those. Needless to say, his band was right there with him and they brought the place down. It was one of the finest musical performances I've seen, truly. He blew me away!

It was a beautiful sight in more ways than one. I really felt a sense of rebirth throughout the entire festival. It was if Dylan's words "the times they are a changin'" was ringing in every note and every conversation. There truly is a new thing going on - a new wind, and new sound, a new world. We are on the brink of the next big shift in consciousness, energy, transportation, etc and these guys and gals with guitars are the new voices of it. It's refreshing to see as so many of our heroes pass away (RIP Tom Petty today actually...) that the torch is being carried on by the next generation and the values of our Fathers will not pass away.

Here's to you Lukas Nelson for leading the charge...keep making great music.


***Here's a link to his new vinyl...be sure and add this one to your collection. TRUST ME.