JSJII's Must Have on Vinyl - Brent Cobb's Shine On Rainy Day

My discovery of Brent Cobb is a testament to the beauty of streaming services like Spotify. One day I was kicking around on there trying to find some new tunes so I started perusing the sound-a-likes of various artists. I think I was listening to Chris Stapleton or Jason Isbell at the time and decided to check out similar artists. If I remember correctly Brent's name caught my eye because I am familiar with the producer responsible for Chris Stapleton's album Traveller, Dave Cobb, recent winner of the Country Music Association's Producer of the Year and Album of the Year award. Turns out Brent is his cousin and Dave produced this album as well.

The first song Solving Problems really got me because the main lyrics, "we ain't up to nothin', just solvin' all the problems of the world...," almost identically reflected the sentiment I'd used many times before regarding deep conversations I've had with good buddies over beer. Immediately I knew this was my kind of fella.

His voice is endearing and sincere, like Mamaw's homemade sweet tea, and his tunes make you feel like you're on the porch in a rocker looking out at the open yard and Georgia pines while you're sipping it. 

Each song is minimal in it's production, but not lacking in tone or character. The instruments are recorded with a live feel and a tight, punchy fashion, reminiscent of my favorite Bob Dylan or The Band records. The arrangements are minimal but poignant. Everything seems to be in it's right place with just the right amount of sound and production to compliment the songs.

The songs are well penned and very clever. I love his admittance of relationship woes in "I oughta be working in a coal mine, Lord knows I'm good at digging holes..." 

I also enjoy his tale of helping his grandfather hide his moonshine operation in his tune Down in the Gulley, where the hook masterfully sings, "I'm down in the gulley where only the moon shines..."

Shine On Rainy Day really puts me in a chill mood when I listen to it. It's got everything I love about a good record: warmth, depth, groove and whole lotta soul.

Well done Brent and thanks for the great tunes! Cheers

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